Few Amazingly Useful Tips on Bird Photography Techniques

australian photography toursSo you want to become a known bird photographer of your age, right? Well, this is definitely one of the most challenging fields of photography, but with expert supervision, it is always possible to master the art of photography. If you are thinking that only your expensive lens will do it all for you, then you are wrong. You require understanding the techniques to capture a precious moment along with understanding birds’ habitat.

With the increasing interest of aspirants towards wildlife and bird photography, these days, fortunately, you will be able to find many experts ready to help you with their wealth of knowledge and experience. The bird photography workshop conducted by the photographer is probably the best step as it will help you to get an insight into bird photography. Their techniques and the moments captured becomes a help for beginners to get started.

Mastering the techniques of bird photography is the key to getting a renowned position in today’s challenging scenario. Following are some of the fundamentals of bird photography.


  • All you need is to stress on the eyes. You might have gone through many articles and have found the same suggestion over and over again. Are you thinking why it is so important to focus on its eyes? The only reason is when you stress on the eyes, it catches the attention of the viewers to the emotion and moment. Those eyes pull it towards it and catch the light.
  • For a better result, make use of a telephoto lens. This will help to zoom in for more details of the features and most importantly “The Eye”. The way photographers see birds is different than ordinary people. The bill, the colorful features, the fascinating talons when captured properly makes a brilliant photograph. Moreover, when your camera has greater zooming features, you will be able to capture the texture of the eyes and the colors in it.
  • Aperture priority is another prime necessity to get a great shot of the moment. This eliminates the chances of getting a blurred or soft image. The better choice lies in keeping the shutter speed equivalent to the focal distance.
  • Since birds tend to fly from one place to another, if you don’t want to miss any of their mesmerizing move that can make a fantastic photograph, make sure you set continuous high-speed mode. It will help to capture many shots and thereby giving you the opportunity to choose the best.

Even when these are the techniques, which might not seem as hard as physics laws, yet to master the art, you require spending time. The photographs you find in a bird photography workshop is a result of years of dedication, patience, and practice. The more you practice, it will ensure fewer chances of a bad shot and give you understanding about their behavioral aspect. You might have to visit the same place, again and again, to get more precise and better shot and don’t forget to play with the settings. You own your camera, then why not show your creativity through your lens in a different manner to the world?



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